Electricity Startae kit



This Economy Electricity Kit includes an assortment of basic electrical circuit components to introduce students to the
fundamentals of electricity. This kit is ideal for classroom use and is designed to be used to create a range of different
circuits with various functions! Students easily create and compare series and parallel circuits, incorporating switches,
buzzers and other loads, great for critical thinking, problem-solving, and deductive reasoning.
The set includes a basic assortment of circuit components including:
3x battery holders for holding D batteries (not included) that provide a source of electrical power to the circuit 10x alligator
clips that act as the wires that carry the electric current
5x knife switches to create open and closed circuits
10x MES lamp holders with bulbs are the most common components in a circuit 1x 6V buzzer with connecting leads to
turn the electric energy into an audio signal 1x electric motor that can be used to turn the electric energy into mechanical
energy, eg to turn a blade Students use electrical appliances that rely on electric circuits for their operation in their daily life.
By creating their own simple circuits, students learn the principles behind the appliances turning on and off and working.
Let students safely explore electrical circuits hands-on to help give them a thorough understanding of electrical science!


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