Coils for Demountable Transformer



Wound on rectangular insulating bobbins, overall height 70
mm These coils are wired to a panel mounting. The earth pin
is wired to the front panel and 4 mm socket. All connections
are completely surrounded by the panel housing. A separate
mains connector with moulded plug is supplied with each coil.
SP4-0995A Coil 50 turns, 4 A, 0.15 W
SP4-0995B Coil 100 turns, 2 A, 0.55 W
SP4-0995C Coil 200 turns, 1 A, 2.5 W
SP4-0995D Coil 500 turns, 0.5 A, 8.95 W
SP4-0995E Coil 1000 turns, 0.3 A, 39.5 W
SP4-0995F Coil 2000 turns, 0.05 A, 445 W


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